Contrada Santa Rosa, 73017 Sannicola LE
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The farm that houses the B&B has an ancient history. The main building was erected at the end of the XVII century. Originally it was a church where masses and marriages were celebrated in particular for the local community living in the noble Patitari’s family “garden” (the Contrada Santa Rosa).

The most important architectural structure that still exists today is the bell tower, which rises from the central wall. The ancient chapel and sacristy are both part of the B&B rooms.

Moreover, important documents collected by our family are testimonials to the history of the building. For example, there are several records of payments (in Italian benefici) made by aristocratic believers to prelates, such as 3 ducats paid by D. Francesco Pantaleo’s successors for the celebration of 22 masses between the years 1797 and 1798.

At the end of XIX century, the building lost its religious function and the farm property passed through different private owners and finally came into the hands of Domenico Antonio Pedone, who acquired it on 18th February 1880 for 17,300 Lire (we preserve the original deed). Since then it has been transferred from generation to generation.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Tommaso Pedone (the first successor) added two important buildings: the cellar, originally used for wine production, where his initials TP are still visibly sculpted into the ceiling; and the stall (now the breakfast room) that preserves the original manger in local stone (pietra leccese) and a big oven used in the past, especially during World War II, to cook wheat bread, frise (circular dried bread), taralli (cracker similar in texture to a breadstick) and dry figs.